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Omega -- Create a Sourcecode Repository

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Please note this page is currently in the process of being updated to reflect the addition of subversion. If you want, you can still request a subversion module, but you will need to search online for usage instructions.

Step 1

   CVS, or Concurrent Versions System, is an application keeping track of all changes ever made to a program's source code. It lets anyone view and access those changes anytime they'd like, keeping them updated on the latest development efforts. This functionality becomes especially critical when working in groups, where members need to see the changes made by all other team members. Furthermore, CVS ensures changes to one file made by two or more people at the same time will not interfere with each other (let alone be overwritten), and merges the two, often transparently to the developers, in the background.

   CVS is heavily used by virtually all open source projects in the world. It has been effectively used by IIT's students when working on their assignments, and it's now available to you. Fill out the following form to create your very own CVS repository.

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Step 2

   Once your CVS repository is created, follow the steps in the Connect HOWTO which will tell you all you need to know to work with it. If you asked for ViewCVS, your module will be available at

Step 3

   Questions, problems, comments? Email us!