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Omega -- Create a Mailing List

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Step 1

   Mailing lists are one of the primary online communication mediums in use today. Why don't you create your own? Administering a mailing list is very simple, and you'll never have to keep track of the members yourself. Furthermore, Omega's Mailman also automatically archives all emails sent and makes them accessible on the web just like any other document.

   Have your own club? Teaching a class or TAing a lab? Want one for your IPRO? How about for your class project group? Fill out this simple form and the list is yours.

Your Omega Username *
List Owner's (Your) Email *
Name of List *

Step 2

   Once your mailing list is created, go to Mailman's Administration Page and click on the name of the list you created. Enter the List Administrator's Password that was emailed to you, and the main configuration page for your list will load.

   Don't forget to change the list administrator's password as soon as possible!

Step 3

   Not sure what to do now? Read through the short GNU Mailman: List Manager's Quick Reference Card. A more detailed guide is available here. They are both very helpful and should answer most of your questions.

Step 4

   Questions, problems, comments? Email us!