NOTICE: per user websites (~username) are now disabled by default. If you would like yours activated email Kevin Brandstatter <>

NOTE: Omega is currently being reorganized, and most of its utilities are being replaced on Alpha (The IIT-ACM Server). It is still available for use to IIT Students, though some services my be initially unavailable. If you are an IIT Student and would like an account on Omega,or you have an account but would like some additional program installed/configured, or just some technical issue or question, please email Kevin Brandstatter <>

     Omega is the only Linux server freely accessible to students at the Illinois Institute of Technology. It runs Debian / Linux, and supports most of the services anyone would ever ask for. You should be able to find most of the programs either you or your coursework requires.

     Tired of systems not working the way you want them to? Had enough of servers with a lot of software you don't want and almost no software you do? We are here for you. Omega is fast and has all the software you'll ever need. Want Apache with PHP 5? What about fully configured Perl and Python? How does MySQL, Mailman, Tomcat, and CVS sound? Good? Sign up.

     If you are a current IIT student and would like an account, click here to create one. Be sure not to violate any of the rules and policies, and the system is all yours. Once you've been notified your account was established, the Help and How-To tab has detailed information about all the possible ways of connecting to Omega.